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Health from the Inside Out

A Practical Introduction to Ayurveda


A Live Online Course

July 13 - August 10, 2022


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A Personalized Road Map to Health, Healing & Happiness


Fire up your health in this 5-week course & discover... 

  • Your Ayurvedic constitution (a.k.a. your primary dosha) and the secrets it reveals about your body's specific needs
  • Simple ways to make fabulous food fast using tasty medicinal spices  
  • Self-care practices that nourish your body inside and out
  • The 3 essential "Pillars of Health" described in the ancient texts of Ayurveda
  • What’s healthy for your body, instead of a list of “rules”

Build lasting good health
with time-tested wisdom.


Deep down, you know true health takes more than swallowing a bunch of supplements and grinding through a painful workout twice a week. 

The traditions of Ayurveda have persisted for generations because they really WORK - but it can seem a bit confusing at first.

I've been teaching clients how to draw from Ayurveda's deep wisdom for over a decade. Let me dispel the mystery and show you how to strengthen your health from the inside out, through doable self-caring practices you'll love.

In this class, we dive deep into the lusciousness of Ayurveda - the nurturing body care, the enlivening herbs and teas, the heart-centered rituals - as well as the theory behind it all that makes it logical and intuitive.

What students are saying...

Betsy B.

Yoga Instructor

"This class has empowered me!  Not just my health has improved, but also my academic performance in school, my work/life balance, my yoga practice and my yoga teaching. Ivy's grounded way of teaching has led me to living a more-aligned life, oriented toward my long-term health. I definitely want to continue!"

Melanie H.

Elementary School Teacher

"I have become more aware of my breath and learned to make time for meditation. I’ve also learned to make dishes I know are comforting to my soul and belly. I am forever grateful Ivy came into my life and taught me the Ayurvedic principles I now use in my daily routine. I will continue to use these principles for a lifetime."

Weekly Online Classes


Video Lessons
& Resources

At-Home Experiments


How the Course Works...


Weekly Live Online Classes

We'll meet every week to learn the foundational principles of Ayurveda through discussions, demos, and guided practices. You'll get a take-home experiment to play with each week. Every class will be video-recorded in case you have to miss one.

Printed Notes & Downloadable Resources

Get info sheets, recipes and practice guidelines so it's easy to bring what we learn out of class and into your life.

Video Lesson Library

Watch brief video lessons between classes to get a basic understanding of foundational concepts, so we can use our time together for discussion and deeper explorations.

Christine Tucker

Assistant Professor

"Before this class, I was racing through life without much intentionality and was feeling burnt out from parenting and work. The classes were very grounding and provided structure to try out new tools and learn from the wonderful community that was formed. Now I’m exercising and meditating regularly, eating more grounding foods, and going to sleep earlier - I feel more in line with the way that I intuitively desire to be living my life. The class really helped me!”

 David Young Oh


"Ivy's facilitation and light were a true delight. The class created a great sense of agency in me - in this short time, I have already noticed more balance in my life. I enjoyed making the recipes, and I appreciated how accessible and easy the practices were to implement in my own life - and how transformative they are. I can't recommend Ivy's class enough. It has supported me towards wellness both physically and emotionally."

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Health from the Inside Out

A Practical Introduction to Ayurveda


July 13 - August 10, 2022

11:30am-12:30pm ET / 8:30-9:30am PT 


  • 5 weekly live classes via Zoom (video recorded in case you have to miss one)
  • Mini video lessons to watch between live meetings
  • Downloadable resources including recipes, info sheets and practice guidelines



If you are drawn to join us but this price presents a financial hardship to you, please contact me to ask about a sliding scale - I'm committed to making this information available to anyone who is truly interested

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