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Healthy Body, Peaceful Heart:

6 Weeks to Better Health with Ayurveda


A Live Online Course

February 17 - March 24, 2021

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Feel more energized and less overwhelmed...

  • Learn to make fabulous homemade food using medicinal spices and healthy ingredients
  • Discover your constitution (or primary dosha) and what your body's asking for
  • Establish doable self-care routines that really make a difference to your health
  • Uncover what’s best for YOUR body, instead of following a list of generic health “rules” 
  • Practice listening to Nature as a guide, full of answers and support

What students are saying...

Betsy B.

Yoga Instructor

"This class has empowered me!  Not just my health has improved, but also my academic performance in school, my work/life balance, my yoga practice and my yoga teaching. Ivy's grounded way of teaching has led me to living a more-aligned life, oriented toward my long-term health. I definitely want to continue!"

Melanie H.

Elementary School Teacher

"I have become more aware of my breath and learned to make time for meditation. I’ve also learned to make dishes I know are comforting to my soul and belly. I am forever grateful Ivy came into my life and taught me the Ayurvedic principles I now use in my daily routine. I will continue to use these principles for a lifetime."

We can build lasting good health with time-tested wisdom.


In the midst of this pandemic, having a strong immune system has become a top priority. And deep down, we know it takes more than popping a bunch of supplements. The traditional healing system of Ayurveda has persisted for generations because it really WORKS - but it can seem a bit confusing at first.

I've been teaching clients how to use Ayurveda to get healthy for over a decade. Let me dispel the mystery and show you how to strengthen your health from the inside out, through doable self-caring techniques and deeply nourishing habits you'll love to do.

In this class, we dive deep into the lusciousness of Ayurveda - the nurturing body care, the enlivening herbs and teas, the heart-centered rituals - as well as the theory behind it all that makes it logical and intuitive. Come join us!

~ Ivy Ingram, MA, AP, RYT-500, Ayurveda Practitioner

How the Course Works...

  • Weekly Live (and Lively!) Online Classes

    We'll meet every week to learn the foundational principles of Ayurveda through discussions, demos, and guided practices. You'll get a take-home experiment to play with, and the following week we'll debrief what you've discovered.
  • Printed Notes & Downloadable Resources

    Get detailed class notes, info sheets, recipes and practice guidelines so it's easy to bring what we learn out of class and into your life (without having to take notes the whole time!).
  • Private Online Forum

    Ask Ivy questions between meetings and connect with classmates.
  • Video Recordings of Every Class

    Watch the video if you have to miss a class or if you want to review.
  • Guided Practice Audios

    Access recordings of guided meditations and pranayama practices to support your learning.

Christine Tucker

Assistant Professor

"Before this class, I was racing through life without much intentionality and was feeling burnt out from parenting and work. The classes were very grounding and provided structure to try out new tools and learn from the wonderful community that was formed. Now I’m exercising and meditating regularly, eating more grounding foods, and going to sleep earlier - I feel more in line with the way that I intuitively desire to be living my life. The class really helped me!”

 David Young Oh


"Ivy's facilitation and light were a true delight. The class created a great sense of agency in me - in this short time, I have already noticed more balance in my life. I enjoyed making the recipes, and I appreciated how accessible and easy the practices were to implement in my own life - and how transformative they are. I can't recommend Ivy's class enough. It has supported me towards wellness both physically and emotionally."

Weekly Classes

Learn practical ways to use Ayurveda, like cooking with spices to help your digestion, and making ghee at home.

Info Sheets & Recipes

Download class notes, recipes, audio recordings and practice guidelines, so you don't have to write everything down.

At-Home Experiments

Apply your learning to your own life with homework "experiments" that we'll debrief the following week.

A Glimpse of our Curriculum...

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Come Join Us!


Healthy Body, Peaceful Heart

6 Weeks to Better Health with Ayurveda

Wednesdays: 1-2:30pm EDT / 10-11:30am PDT

February 17 - March 24, 2021


  • 6 weekly live interactive classes (90-minutes each) via Zoom livestream
  • Downloadable resources: recipes, info sheets and practice guidelines
  • Online forum for Q&A and connecting between classes
  • Access to video recordings of every class
  • Guided meditation and breathing audios to support your practice



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