the inner wisdom circle

A year-long Ayurveda mentorship for women


Join us for a year that will strengthen your health & nourish your 

  • Build a powerfully healthy body and a peaceful, steady mind by learning and integrating the uplifting practices of Ayurveda

  • Feel connected, empowered and motivated by an intimate community who's learning and evolving alongside you

  • Uncover a sense of inner purpose and meaning as you identify your system's needs and stand up for what really matters


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When we feel overwhelmed, unhealthy, or worn out,
Ayurveda brings us home again... 


The pandemic has reminded us of what we too easily forget...

Good health is the foundation for everything else

When our health starts to crumble & we feel depleted, in pain, or stressed out, everything suffers - our work, our relationships, our emotions.


 The Inner Wisdom Circle is a life-changing community, providing 3 necessary ingredients for change.


1) Reliable Info & Wisdom
Dive deep into the life-sustaining guidance of Ayurveda, yoga and behavioral science

2) Structure to Keep On Track
Get re-inspired consistently with weekly live meetings, video teachings, and on-demand practice library

3) Motivation & Support
Receive specific individual guidance from Ivy,
 and heart-filled encouragement from our group

Within this container, you learn to embody
10 self-nourishing practices.
ver the course of a year, your physical and mental health will be completely replenished in ways you can't even imagine now.

Ultimately, we learn to follow that guiding intelligence that we each carry inside — your Inner Wisdom.


Transform your Health in Tangible Ways

Ayurveda’s time-tested lifestyle has been practiced and refined for over 5,000 years – and it works. As you move through the Inner Wisdom Circle year, you will experience….
  • Deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Regular, comfortable elimination
  • Less isolation
  • Easier menstrual cycles, or reduced menopause symptoms
  • More consistent energy throughout the day
  • Comfortable digestion
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • A pervasive sense of well-being in your body and mind
Not only will you learn new information, you’ll have Ivy's personal guidance and our community’s support to apply it and make lasting changes.



What Members are Saying. . .

"The changes I've made have been tremendous"

Before I joined, I was contending with two big challenges – a many-years-long chronic illness and a deeply entrenched tendency to overwork. And I was under no illusion that those were unrelated! I had been working hard to do less and I knew those patterns wouldn’t shift overnight. Now, I can say that it’s actually, miraculously happening. 

Ivy’s video teachings are rich, and they really come to life in our weekly discussions. The partner system has given me a welcome voice of compassion when I run into frustration, and some much needed accountability. The ayuryoga sessions are just amazing. And having regular access to Ivy’s wisdom in consultations has been so helpful and grounding.

The fact that the program lasts a year helped me keep a sense of spaciousness around the shifts I wanted to make. It’s enough time to develop a meaningful relationship with these practices, instead of a bunch of stuff I’m trying to change overnight (which really doesn’t work). I'’m already looking back with awe: The changes I’ve made have been tremendous. I’m so grateful for the gifts of this program. 

Chapel Hill, NC



"I'm in tune with my body & with what's meaningful for me"

One thing that attracted me to the Inner Wisdom Circle and the teachings of Ayurveda was how it lifts up nature - how being aligned with nature is part of the healing. 

Nature is one way I connect with God and am attuned to my spirituality, and the circle helps me be in tune with my body and with what’s meaningful for me. It helps me feel whole. I have struggled with perfectionism and shame, and what has been so powerful about the group is hearing other people’s stories, taking small steps, and being reminded that we already have what we need inside of us. Those reminders helped me to embrace the practices and really absorb them.

One of the changes that just manifested without me even being really intentional about it was the practice of movement - it just naturally happened. Now I am regularly doing movement that helps me enjoy my body, have fun, and connect with others, and it has felt so healing to do that - not by shaming myself into it, but by slowly doing the other practices that lead up to this one, so it just happened on its own. 

I’m so glad I joined the Inner Wisdom Circle because it changes not only our physical health but our spiritual and emotional health. There are not too many places that create space for individuals to heal and experience wholeness. That’s what the Inner Wisdom Circle does.

Durham, NC



 "I'm staying present and embodied during difficult times"

I love what we are doing in this Circle! I had some hesitations about joining a group and thought I could get what I needed in individual consults, but this group has been so rich and meaningful for me. The structure and the friendship and support that this group has provided have been invaluable to me. The group experience actually helped me listen to and strengthen my own inner wise voice.
The check-in consultations with Ivy are also so beneficial. Her perspective is so helpful and wise, and her manner is gentle and supportive. She seems so unassuming and demure - but don’t be fooled, she’s like a ninja, helping us see our own blind spots, so fierce and so loving at the same time. She is like a black belt in self-care!
One big change I've noticed is I'm staying present with uncomfortable feelings that come up in difficult conversations. This new ability to stay present and embodied during difficult times has given me more spaciousness, as I'm letting go of things I've been holding on to for a long time. It brings a sense of ease even though what I'm doing may be hard. It's a direct result of these practices we’re learning. I'm so grateful for this experience.

Hillsborough, NC





"Now I really show up for myself" 

Concord, MA

the inner wisdom circle curriculum


The curriculum is built around 10 foundational practices from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga.

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First Trimester

In your first Trimester, you are introduced to the 10 practices: the What’s, the Why’s, and the How’s. Some new practices will take root instantly, bringing quick results. Others will take more time – and you can take a deep breath, as there is plenty of time. You’ll be introduced to behavioral science concepts to start loosening the hold of old habits.

Second Trimester

In your second Trimester, you really dig in: you explore what needs to go in order to make room for new behaviors. You discover ways to work with the hurdles you meet so they don’t stop you from creating what you want. You take inspiration from your fellow Circle members and start to notice a deeper feeling of support and steadiness in your life.

Third Trimester

In your third Trimester, you hit your stride: you are truly integrating new behaviors into your routines. You see the effect of positive changes in yourself. You even see others in your life impacted by your new way of being. You are meeting the world in a new way.

why a year-long program?

I’ve been working with clients to resolve health issues with Ayurveda and yoga for well over a decade, and I've observed how long it takes to develop new self-nurturing routines. 
As we move through a year together, we have time for trial and error. We explore our fledgling practices in different seasons. We observe the influence of different cycles on our tendencies and habits.
We learn who we are, and how to deeply support ourselves in creating what we want and what our bodies need.

A year is simply what it takes to establish new self-caring routines that make a lasting, life-changing impact.





It’s my mission to help motivated, curious people restore their health and find real happiness, drawing on ancient teachings and inner wisdom.  
I became a certified Ayurveda Practitioner in 2010 and trained for 2 years under renowned Ayurveda teacher Dr. Vasant Lad. I also trained for 6 months in South India at a traditional panchakarma center, where I return nearly every year for ongoing training and treatment.
I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, an undergraduate degree from Brown University, and I’m an advanced level certified yoga instructor.
Again and again, I am inspired as I witness the amazing transformation that the Inner Wisdom Circle opens for our members.



It’s my mission to help motivated, curious people restore their health and find real happiness, drawing on ancient teachings and inner wisdom.  
I became a certified Ayurveda Practitioner in 2010 and trained for 2 years under renowned Ayurveda teacher Dr. Vasant Lad. I also trained for 6 months in South India at a traditional panchakarma center, where I return nearly every year for ongoing training and treatment. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, an undergraduate degree from Brown University, and I’m an advanced level certified yoga instructor.
I teach clients how to get rid of digestive issues, painful periods, anxiety, and other stress-related problems through individual consultations and educational programs.
Again and again, I am inspired as I witness the amazing transformation that the Inner Wisdom Circle opens for our members.
Program Details

What Members are Saying . . .



"This has been THE best decision for my mental and physical health!"

I have been participating in the Inner Wisdom Circle, and I so look forward to our meetings each week! This dedicated time for myself feels like the greatest gift. Ivy leads the class in such a beautiful way and I love that I can never predict what my takeaway will be from our group gatherings . 

It has been THE best decision I made for my mental and physical health to participate in the Inner Wisdom Circle - I don't know what I would have done this past year without it! I have made several impactful changes to my daily routines and practices. I have met new friends and feel a true sense of community. This is a very powerful and unique experience. Thank you, Ivy!

Hollis, NH



"I am sleeping better!"

Ivy is a wonderful teacher who has created a really special community. She shares ancient wisdom backed by modern research, for some very simple, and yet very powerful, habits for leading a healthier life.  I have been so glad to be a part of this group, and not just because I am sleeping better!  The community she has brought together creates a great supportive environment and I have made some good new friends as a result. Signing up for this was a wonderful gift I gave myself.  

Chapel Hill, NC


"Now I prioritize what is meaningful to me."

I've noticed several amazing shifts due to my time in the Inner Wisdom Circle. I've been able to structure my time to prioritize what is meaningful to me rather than social or cultural norms of acceptability. I used to treat movement and play as things you did after being productive. Now, I consider those essential parts of my day. I work less in order to have time for my daily yoga practice, reading, cultivating relationships, and being present with myself. I say yes to more opportunities for exploration and meeting new people.

Chapel Hill, NC

program components

Your Inner Wisdom Circle year includes...

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Weekly Group Mentoring Meetings

The core of the Inner Wisdom Circle is the weekly online group mentoring sessions with Ivy – part education, part conversation, and part inspiration.

Each session we explore one of the foundational practices or a relevant teaching. We may have breakout groups, or stay in one interactive group discussion. We may do an experiential exercise, or share on a topic.

The group is limited in size so our connections can grow in intimacy and there is ample time for all voices. 

Thursdays, 11:45am-1pm ET / 8:45-10am PT (75-minutes)

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Ayuryoga Video Library

Explore an extensive library of guided yoga practices designed to deepen your capacity for healing and inner stillness. 

In Ayuryoga, we incorporate āsana (physical postures), prānāyāma (breathing practices), meditation, and guided relaxation, all customized to fit your needs through the lens of Ayurveda.

Our videos range from short explanations of a specific technique, to brief 20-minute practices to fit into your morning routine, to full 75-minute practices for those days when you have more time to dive deep.

This gentle practice style is easily adapted for different body types and a variety of experience and fitness levels. 

Individual Intake Consultation

To support your personal learning, you will have an individual Ayurveda consultation with Ivy in the first month of the program to review your health history and clarify your priorities for the year ahead. This conversation may include personalized food and herb recommendations, or other customized guidance.

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Check-in Consultations with Ivy

Every other month, you have a check-in consultation with Ivy to touch base on your current primary focus and to troubleshoot any obstacles you are encountering. These 25-minute conversations help you stay on track with your intentions and offer you personalized support and guidance.


Full Moon-Bathing Celebrations

Each Trimester, we gather online for a full-hearted celebration to honor the full moon with ritual, chanting, stories, creative expression, and other sweet treats! We take in the rasa, or juice, of the full moon, and honor the fullness in our own lives.

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Your Own Program Partner

Each member will be paired with another member to help inspire and support each other. Staying in touch regularly helps you work through the course concepts and apply them to your life. Each Trimester, you will be paired with a new partner so you strengthen more relationships in the circle.

Online Forum & Text Group Moderated by Ivy

Our private online forum and text group serve as places to share ideas and resources, seek support, ask questions, and stay inspired between our live meetings. 


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2 Books + Online Learning Materials 

You will have access to educational videos, worksheets, recipes, and other resources in our online classroom portal. You will also receive 2 of Ivy's favorite books on Ayurveda sent to your door to deepen your learning.

Gold Level Membership


For those who want more 
one-on-one guidance from Ivy

Make more focused progress towards your goals with my customized support
  • Receive 12 monthly hour-long consultations (instead of only 6 bi-monthly 25-minute Check-In Consultations) so you have consistent, substantive guidance and feedback
  • Develop a progress plan with me each month, including tailored recommendations and action steps
  • Receive more personalized coaching and tracking through your unique challenges


The Spring AND Autumn Resets

April & October 2024



All Inner Wisdom Circle members get to join the Spring AND Autumn Resets with Ivy tuition-free. These group programs guide you through an uplifting seasonal process to detoxify the body and rest your digestive system for the season ahead. 



Each Inner Wisdom Circle member gets to invite a friend to join the Resets for only $95 (full price is $325).

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join the inner wisdom circle today

A year-long online mentorship to strengthen your health and nourish your spirit.

Program Summary

  • Weekly Group Mentorship Sessions – Thursdays @ 11:45am ET / 8:45am PT (75 minutes ~ 14 sessions per trimester) VIDEO RECORDED in case you have to miss one
  • Individual Welcome Consultation with Ivy to identify goals, relevant health history, and specific guidance (1 hour)
  • Individual Check-in Consultations with Ivy every other month to troubleshoot, refine practices, and stay inspired (25 minutes - 6 total)
  • Weekly Curriculum Email delivering educational videos, articles and other suggested learning assignments
  • Your own Program Partner for weekly support, encouragement and accountability
  • Full Moon-Bathing Celebrations (1 per Trimester)
  • Online Community Forum & Text Group moderated by Ivy for Q&A and support between meetings
  • Ayuryoga Video Library with guided practices to support your integration of yoga, prānāyāma, meditation and relaxation into your life and routines
  • 2 Books on Ayurveda sent to your home to deepen your understanding of topics discussed
  • Online Classroom Resources including Ivy's teaching Videos, Articles, Info Sheets, Recipes, Recommended Reading List, and more


  • Autumn AND Spring Digestive Resets ~ Free tuition (April & October 2024)
  • 1 “Bring a Friend for $95” discount ticket for Seasonal Digestive Resets


Program Dates

January 11 - December 2024

New members join the group 3 times a year.
(The next opportunity to join after this opening will be May 2024.)




Basic Membership



Save $500 with Early Bird Discount
$383/month for 12 months + $400 deposit ($4996)
Or save additional $500 and pay in full ($4500)



Gold Level Membership 

(for additional One-on-One Mentoring with Ivy)
Save $500 with Early Bird Discount
$466/month for 12 months + $400 deposit ($5992)
Or save additional $500 and pay in full ($5500)




BIPOC Scholarship

A partial scholarship is available for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, in recognition of the systemic inequities that reduce access to resources for these groups, and as part of a larger effort to foster inclusivity, accessibility and diversity.
To access, simply request the BIPOC scholarship on your application. 




If you are interested in joining us but these prices pose a financial hardship to you, partial work-trade opportunities may be available. Please mention in your application.
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Your application indicates your interest, with no obligation or commitment implied. After we receive it, you'll be invited to set up a zoom conversation with Ivy to answer any questions and explore whether the program is a good fit for you.


"I feel healthier with more energy and clarity"

The Inner Wisdom Circle has been a profound gift over this past year! I have tried for years on my own to do seemingly simple practices, like going to bed earlier, with limited regularity. In a gentle way, being part of this group helped me re-examine and lay some foundational daily habits that have collectiely made me feel healthier with more energy and clarity.

Ivy’s years of study, care, and wisdom infuse each gathering, and the elements of time, support, and repetition make the process surprisingly effective. This wonderful group has given me more confidence in my ability to care for myself and to live in greater rhythm with the earth. Thank you, Ivy! 


"It's been transformational for me"

I'm so glad to have joined the Inner Wisdom Circle when I did. It's been a perfect group to support graceful transformation of my habits. Every week I get great tips for improving my health and well-being and connect with supportive people who hold space and model the growth that is possible. 

Ivy is a fantastic facilitator, sharing teachings from her Ayurvedic practice and incorporating the wisdom of the group in our sessions. I feel supported and guided towards new habits but never judged. I'm learning to approach health and wellness with spaciousness, joy, and “just enough” practices and it's been transformational for me.

Austin, TX


ready to dive in?

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Fill out the brief application by clicking the button below, and I will send you a calendar link to set up a time for us to speak. I look forward to talking with you and seeing if this program is a good fit for you.


Questions? Let's talk!

The Inner Wisdom Circle is a profound experience of transformation, learning and connection. I would love to talk with you to answer any questions you might have about joining us!

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